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CITIC-CBMM MTC engaged a large number of metallurgical experts at home and abroad as members of the Center's Expert Committee. In order to promote research and application of micro-alloyed steels,  MTC organizes a variety of academic conferences every year. Domestic and foreign experts in metallurgy and materials are invited to these conferences in order to introduce the latest research and development in microalloying technologies.

 In order to promote the Nb microalloying technology, the Center has set up a "Nb-bearing Steel Development Award", and a "Nb-bearing Steel Technology Paper Award". The Center has also found scholarships at Beijing University of Science and Technology (USTB), Northeastern University (NEU) and Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI). In addition, the Center has established an R&D project system to support research institutes and steel enterprises in niobium steel microalloying technology research and development. On the 14th of May 2008,CITIC Metal Co., Ltd. and CITIC Technology Microalloying Center merged the above awards into the "CITIC-CBMM Nb-Steels Science &Technology Development Award" with the approval of the State Ministry of Science and Technology and the issuance of the " Certificate for Registration of a Science and Technology Award by Private Sector of People's Republic of China" .
CITIC-CBMM MTC is located in CITIC Metal Co., Ltd. MTC has three honorary directors: Mr. Wang Jun, former Chairman of CITIC Group, Mr. Wu Xichun, former Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association and Mr.Camargo, former President of CBMM. Mr. Mi Zengxin, Vice President of CITIC Group is the Director of MTC.




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